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Long Service Award Programmes

Let's see how you can take your long-service awards programmes to the next level with social recognition.

Employee Rewards and Employee Recognition for Employee Anniversaries. 

Let's see how you can take your long-service awards programmes to the next level with social recognition.

Your long service awards programme should nurture a corporate culture where loyalty is rewarded. Our programmes empower you to recognise employees for years of service and retirement, a commanding and critical element of employee engagement. You can expect personal attention to your specific needs as we create a unique and customized programme for your employees featuring the latest platform technology in the industry and our best-in-class patented social recognition application, the Recognition PURL.

The Recognition PURL is a patent-pending social recognition experience that personalizes the celebration of one’s achievement by engaging coworkers, as well as friends and family, if you like. 

A personalized URL (PURL) is a website created specifically for one individual. The Recognition PURL is populated with content posted by co-workers, family and friends of the individual award recipient. These contributors post comments, photos and videos to recognise and celebrate the individual’s achievement.

See ME!...the revolutionary new service anniversary awards application.

How do you recognize and reward employees for loyalty?

The revolutionary new service anniversary awards system, ME!, features our patented social recognition application. ME! delivers:

  • Social recognition experiences with our proprietary patented PURL™ technology engages your audience through a network of co-workers, friends and family members.
  • Manager involvement tools.
  • Full programme reporting suite with a programme dashboard that includes graphs and measurements that can be exported.
  • Customised branding of the site to feature your look, logos, colors and corporate images
  • Best-in-class award fulfillment – participants can review award popularity and share their feelings about awards with the ability to "like" any item in the collection.
  • Large selection of eCards, personalised messages and "The Year that Was" – an application that shares headline news from the year the employee was hired.
  • The most sophisticated and flexible engagement tool ever designed – capable of addressing your organisation’s special needs.
  • The first program platform completely configured for complete mobile access and functionality for award redemption via responsive design.

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