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Learn how to drive higher sales performance through self-selected goal setting.

GoalQuest is a patented sales incentives program

Unleash the power of goal setting!

GoalQuest®, the only patented sales-incentive design, is a powerful tool for increasing revenue within your sales force, whether direct or indirect. GoalQuest uses the power of self-selected goals, audience segmentation and all-or-nothing achievement to drive greater productivity across your complete sales team.

GoalQuest programme designs ‘level the playing field of opportunity’ by segmenting your sales team into similar productivity-level groups. This allows the goals offered to each group to be attainable, but with a stretch factor. If segmentation is not done as part of the programme design, then one set of goals has to fit everyone. Because a ‘one size fits all’ approach rarely gains incremental sales from the top, middle and bottom of your sales force, GoalQuest programs consistently outperform non-GoalQuest designs.

Finally, GoalQuest uses the motivating power of tangible rewards to enlist the power of the right brain in reaching and exceeding chosen goals.

Our clients understand the power of GoalQuest as we have delivered 700 programs to more than one million direct and indirect sales representatives.