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Sales & Channel Loyalty

Let's inspire your sales force and/or sales channel to stay energized and connected to your brand as they share it with their part of the world. A motivated sales team means enlightened customers. And that means a better bottom line for you.

Sales Incentives l BI WORLDWIDE

Our Approach to Sales & Channel Loyalty

  • On board

    Let's take a look at how to best ensure your sales team is working with the end game in mind.

  • Communicate & Educate

    Let's educate your sales team and inspire them with compelling, effective messages.

  • Reward

    Let's take a look at ways to best motivate and reward middle performers.

  • Retain & Grow

    Let's recognize top performers, establish role models, and retain and stretch top talent.

BI WORLDWIDE China designs and executes motivation and incentive programmes that help you drive product through the sales channel, whether direct or indirect, by strengthening relationships, building mind share and motivating performance. Our design experience, behavioural-economics approaches and technology advancements lead the way to heightened performance in multinational sales campaigns. We design complete solutions for both short- and long-term sales promotion solutions:

  • Product launches, sales conferences, event productions
  • Sales force incentive schemes
  • Dealer, distributor and reseller channel promotions
  • Training and certification (learn-and-earn programs)
  • Sales recognition (custom emblematic awards, gala dinner events and incentive travel

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Let's take a tour of our best-in-class platforms.

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Sales Incentives

See how well-constructed incentive campaigns keep your sales team focused on the goal.

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Sales Team Training

We design and deliver customized learning solutions that engage your sales team and connect them to your brand.

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Measurement & Analytics

Let's uncover ways to link sales incentive performance to your business outcomes and results.

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