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9 types of content for content marketing

How do you choose the right content for your business?

1. Blogs

Blogs are the most common form of content for marketing. They’re cost- and time-effective. Blogs help share brand message and tone while positioning your business as a thought leader in the industry. This type of content provides valuable information while also utilizing opinion and conversation to engage the audience.

2. White papers & Case studies  

A white paper is a document that provides an in-depth, researched report about your business or industry. A case study takes a deep-dive into a specific client event or situation.

3. Images

Images are one of the most effective forms of content in terms of cost and time. It can create a brand aesthetic that instantly attracts relevant, like-minded customers. Images are also easy to repurpose, making them highly cost-effective and versatile. The most successful images tell a story of the brand, also create a lifestyle.

4. Infographics

Infographics are the most popular visual for business marketing. They are an illustrative way to display data and research, quickly and easily attracting the customer’s eye.


5. Video

With the quality of mobile phone videoing, anyone can create and share a quality video. 55% of people watch videos online every day, you need to differentiate your video content with unique branding, tone, and ideas.

The most successful videos make people laugh while providing information that can solve their concerns.

6. Webinars

Webinars are the video version of a how-to guide. A webinar is a live event that allows for interaction between your brand and your audience. Webinars often utilize a presentation like a slideshow from key industry and business experts.

7. Podcasts & audio

Podcasts create an ongoing interaction with listeners. Podcast listeners are the most dedicated to the content of their brand.88% of podcast subscribers listen to every episode of their subscribed podcast.


8. Downloadable

Downloadable are more comprehensive pieces of content that you offer in exchange for an email. A reader will input their name and email to gain access to the downloadable content.

9. Email

Email marketing is one of the most personal ways to interact with your customers. You deliver information directly into your customer’s inbox, which can boost impressions, visibility, and brand awareness. You can collect emails through online downloadable and post-sales.



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