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Recognising the Changing Employee Landscape

Developed based on the principles of behavioural economics and The New Rules of Engagement, we anchor our employee engagement methodology on 12 crucial aspects of the “unwritten social contract” between workers and their companies.


What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement has become a buzzword that's gained traction as a potential game-changer for companies. Yet, despite the touted benefits, what it is and how to do it well is not as clearly delineated. 

BI WORLDWIDE defines employee engagement as an employee's reciprocation of a company's provided work experience. Simply put, we believe that great company experiences inspire employees to stay, work hard and perform better. 

Over decades of experience in the business of inspiration, BI WORLDWIDE has discovered twelve New Rules of Engagement® that best predict the outcomes companies are after — commitment, effort and inspiration. Continually researched, tested and updated based on work and global changes year after year, these rules guide the framework for our award-winning employee engagement solutions to deliver impactful solutions with measurable results.


Why Do We Need Employee Engagement?

The new generation of employees now perceive jobs as more than a mere 9 to 5 routine — they seek challenging yet meaningful projects, and favour workplaces that offer employee value proposition, feedback and recognition. As these employees with evolving expectations for their employment experience enter the workforce, employers need to be continuously mindful of employee satisfaction and identify successful engagement strategies to attract and retain valuable talents, raise productivity and improve quality of work.

However, despite this cultural shift, many firms today have yet to prioritise employee engagement as a key business objective. The reasons for inertia are plenty: the impression that employee engagement strategies are difficult to implement, inconsistent buy-in from key stakeholders or the inability to attribute employee engagement to the business’ bottom line. 

BI WORLDWIDE recognises these barriers and employs a unique approach grounded on measurable outcomes to help employers increase their organisation’s employee engagement.


Build Your Engagement Strategies

You may understand the need to recognise, support and motivate the people who spend their days representing your brand. But how do you engage your people in the right way?

Every company has different goals, needs and cultures. Employee engagement can uplift your brand, but it works best when it's tailor-made to fit your business, your goals and the people you want to inspire. 

Bi WORLDWIDE partners with you to discover what works for you. No one knows your business better than you, and no one knows employee engagement better than BI WORLDWIDE.

We believe that your brand is a magnet. Companies with strong brand identities that stay true to their core values attract top talents, retain their best people and create strong work cultures. To that end, we offer a suite of global employee engagement solutions grounded in the science of behavioural economics, from employee recognition and training to communication and anniversary awards. Our comprehensive solutions help you create holistic work cultures that deliver tangible benefits to your people and measurable results for your business goals. 

Discover the best strategy to engage your employees and encourage them to work happier, to love what they do and the brand they do it for.

  • A Structured Approach

    Our employee engagement programmes are developed based on the principles of behavioural economics and The New Rules of Engagement. Anchored on 12 crucial aspects of the “unwritten social contract” between workers and their companies, these aspects are based on broad patterns that emerge from decades of data and employee psychology, which informs our approach to developing solutions for you to cultivate and retain employees.

  • Proprietary Technology, Human-centred Design

    With programmes delivered through BI WORLDWIDE’s proprietary technology, companies will be able to better reinforce employee satisfaction and enhance team efforts through tracking important employee milestones, employee progress and identifying key opportunities to recognise and reward employees.

  • Data-driven Approach to Optimise Performance

    Standardised approaches are detrimental to employee engagement strategies. Organisations differ in culture, and recognising these nuances is key to developing effective engagement programmes. BI WORLDWIDE implements a survey methodology to collect data for each engagement to help clients understand their strengths and weaknesses. Quantitative results are validated based on unique performance metrics as defined by the client.

What is employee recognition programme

Cultivating Passionate Teams

Motivate and encourage the formation of positive workplace associations for your employees. Cultivate passionate teams with BI WORLDWIDE's suite of employee engagement programmes.

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Creating Optimal Learning Experiences

Help grow your employees by creating optimal learning opportunities where your teams can glean knowledge and upskill to better retain your top talent.

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What is employee recognition programme

Data and Analytics Insights

Magnify existing metrics and data sets to support existing strategies or to develop robust plans from the ground up. Personalise employee engagement strategies to best fit your company, ensuring that solutions are tailor-made and routinely improved for your needs with insights from BI WORLDWIDE’s analytical capabilities.

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