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Channel Partnership Management Platforms

Build strong relationships with your partners-in-success with BI WORLDWIDE's suite of channel enablement strategies and programmes, designed to help you better help your channel partners maximise efforts and partnerships.

What is a channel partner marketplace platform

Channel partners, who possess insightful market knowledge and control distribution channels, are extremely valued business stakeholders and key influencers in supply chains. In today’s competitive business environment, the formation of strong channel partner relationships to improve sales volume has never been more crucial.

Enterprises that rely heavily on external parties to distribute and market their goods and services need to develop a strong channel partner strategy that incentivises partners to become advocates. This strategy should ideally involve the recognition of channel partners through a rewards marketplace, and the provision of necessary resources and tools to enable them to sell better and enhance customer relationships.

However, attaining successful channel partnerships may not always be straightforward. Misaligned goals, difficulty in maintaining price integrity and channel conflicts are just some of the many commonly encountered challenges that can negatively impact your relationship with your channel partners. To overcome such obstacles and ensure long-lasting, productive channel partnerships, businesses need to implement rewards and incentives programmes that consistently engage and motivate partners.

BI WORLDWIDE recognises the importance of channel partner networks. We seek to support your partnerships and optimise your channel enablement strategies with our suite of services, programmes, and analytics that will provide you with meaningful insights and enable your business to thrive.

Channel partner rewards programme to nuture and motivate partners

Nurturing Brand Affinity

Motivating channel partners and providing them with the right content, tools, and incentives are crucial in establishing brand affinity, which plays a significant role in strengthening partner relationships. With the right technology, BI WORLDWIDE employs a suite of tools to activate, engage, and amplify your sales channels — from wholesalers, dealers, retailers, resellers, agents to influencers — to ensure that you remain top of mind across your distribution network.

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Creating optimal learning experiences for channel partners

Creating Optimal Learning Experiences

Equip your channel partners with the right resources and ample tools. Facilitate seamless and enduring knowledge transfer to maximise engagement for learning experiences and training modules. Our channel learning programmes simplifies channel partner engagement between you and your partners-in-success. Develop personalised content for different needs and objectives, and build incentive structures to motivate channel partners to take charge of their learning.

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Channel incentive programme management through data and analytics

Leverage on Data and Analytics

Magnify existing metrics and data sets to support existing strategies or to develop robust plans from the ground up. Personalise channel engagement solutions and learning platforms to best fit the needs of your channel partners with tailor-made solutions routinely improved for your needs, powered by BI WORLDWIDE's analytical capabilities.

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Optimise your Channel Strategies and Tactics

Find out how you can start building better, relationship-centric partnerships with your partners-in-success today.

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