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Channel Partnership Management Platforms

Build strong relationships with your partners-in-success with BI WORLDWIDE's suite of channel enablement strategies and programmes, designed to help you better help your channel partners maximise efforts and partnerships.

What is a channel partner marketplace platform


To thrive in today’s largely competitive market in Singapore, one of the critical growth strategies for any brand is to sustain, nurture and grow their trade network to meet its larger sales goals. Your indirect sales network, be it your wholesalers, dealers, retailers, resellers, agents or influencers, play a critical role in elevating your brand in the minds of your customers.

BI WORLDWIDE recognises the importance of inspiring sales channels to stay energised and connected to your brand as they share it with their part of the world. Our channel reward and incentive programmes, which include various initiatives such as promotions, contests, knowledge sharing and more, are individually designed to help you build a valuable relationship with partners while they work towards their sales targets.

BI WORLDWIDE will help you transform and optimise your channel partnerships through two main platforms, ChannelSmart and the Rewards Marketplace.

Optimise Your Channel Strategies and Tactics

Find out how you can start building better, relationship-centric partnerships with your partners-in-success today with our channel partner management platform.

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