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Rewards Marketplace

Our Rewards Marketplace combines diverse and trendy rewards with timely and personalised service to tailor unique employee rewards and incentives to your company.

Employee rewards marketplace


Aspirational rewards can evoke powerful emotional responses. Distinct from compensation, aspirational awards are highly memorable and have a long-lasting 'trophy value' that reinforces the winners' sense of achievement.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we aspire to provide you with rewards that inspire. Our Rewards Marketplace combines diverse and trendy rewards with timely and personalised service on a reliable, user-friendly platform.

In the Asia-Pacific region, we maintain catalogues in each country to build culturally appropriate and localised catalogues. Our dedicated Rewards Managers regularly update our offerings to stay on trend and ensure a targeted and purposeful array of reward choices. 

Highly-customisable to suit your company branding, our Rewards Marketplace is used by more than five million people across 160+ countries and 22 languages. 

Use rewards and incentives to motivate your employees to new heights. With something for everyone, no one will leave empty-handed.


When it comes to rewards, there is no single gift with universal appeal. At BI WORLDWIDE, our job is to understand what makes your business unique to develop an award experience that is relevant and personal to you. We consider your audience, budget and context to design a tailored suite of options that will motivate your employees and deliver the best results for your company.

Merchandise Marketplace has an intuitive, highly customisable user interface that easily accommodates branding, device, region or seasonal requirements. It is designed for high sociability — employees can involve family and friends in selecting and planning their rewards, and show off redeemed rewards. Build brand loyalty and retain your employees. Our technology works hard so that you don't have to.

With seven regional headquarters and another 13 offices globally, our multi-country presence allows us to expedite delivery without cross-country shipping delays and charges. To date, more than 90% of our orders ship to 190+ countries without customs or duties through our vast network of fulfilment partners. Our customer service teams also work closely with our buying teams and fulfilment partners to provide fast, thorough support via phone, email or chat in 8 core languages.

Inspire your employees, celebrate their successes and reward them for their loyalty with Rewards Marketplace. Make your employees feel like winners and get powerful results for your business.


Experiences matter. Whether you want to recognise hard work, celebrate success or value loyalty, experiential rewards inspire stronger engagement and have a more lasting impact on both the rewarded and the onlooker.

BI WORLDWIDE's Experiences Marketplace features 230,000+ experiences across the globe across more than 20 different categories. With our comprehensive catalogue bursting with local experiences, hot events and exciting travel rewards, there is something for everyone to discover and experience what's possible.

Our DIY Travel Experiences puts the decisions back into the hands of your employees. They can choose from an expansive network of 100,000+ hotel destinations, 100+ major air carriers, cruises worldwide, and a full fleet of car rentals from 175+ countries. Land, sea, or air, we've got you covered.

Encourage your employees to plan and curate their dream custom trips with our built-in proprietary Itinerary Builder. With the prizes just within reach, inspire your employees to strive for the next level and be rewarded with the experience of their dreams.

With Experiences Marketplace, your people will know they are seen and valued, whether they are all in-house or across the globe.

MyAwards Points

BI WORLDWIDE’s MyAwards Points is a simple award and redemption solution that provides an easy way to issue points and allows participants to redeem those points through the Global Rewards Marketplace (GRM).

With MyAwards Points, you can extract reports about your employees' activation, login and redemption activities to gain insight into their award preferences. Your employees can keep track of their points balance, deposits and redemption history, and directly redeem localised rewards based on their country.

An agile solution that is customisable to your corporate branding, MyAwards Points supports participants in multiple countries and is available in 19 languages.

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