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DayMaker: Recognition Reimagined

DayMaker is BI WORLDWIDE’s comprehensive employee recognition platform, setting the industry standard for design, responsiveness and performance.

Employee recognition programme, Daymaker


BI WORLDWIDE's DayMaker is a nimble recognition platform that provides a fun and easy way to engage, retain and recognise employee accomplishments. With DayMaker, you will get a highly customisable, comprehensive employee recognition programme that integrates state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled support.

Combining behavioural science principles and industry best practices, DayMaker brings your employee value proposition to life in a fun, easy-to-use, employee-centric programme.

Give your employees the recognition they deserve. Learn more about how DayMaker's comprehensive modules help you put your people first.

DayMaker Service Anniversary (DMSA)

Recognising your employees for their years of service is a critical element of employee engagement, and long service awards are essential for nurturing a corporate culture that rewards employee loyalty. At BI WORLDWIDE, our DayMaker Service Anniversary (DMSA) is a sophisticated and flexible engagement tool that lets you take long service awards to the next level with social recognition.

Featuring the patent-pending social recognition experience, Recognition PURL™ (personalised URL), DMSA engages your audience by creating individualised celebrations that leverage their network of co-workers, friends and family members to commemorate their achievements together.

Supported by a full programming suite and manager involvement tools, DMSA is fully customisable to your corporate branding requirements. With responsive design configured for complete mobile access and functionality for award redemptions, DMSA is fully capable of addressing your organisation's unique needs.

Create and celebrate unforgettable milestone moments that will inspire your people to continue loving what they do and the brand they do it for.

Recognition Advisor

BI WORLDWIDE's Recognition Advisor is an AI-enabled 'personal assistant' that uses data algorithms, behavioural science principles and employees' recognition histories to provide managers with data-driven key insights, guidance, and encouragement.

Get detailed information and insights into the recognition statistics of each employee under your care. Managers can receive system and email reminders at precise moments to recognise your new hires and recognition-overdue employees, not just your high performers.

With Recognition Advisor, you will never miss your chance to maximise recognition impact and hit every significant recognition touch-point with your employees.


Manager Recognition

BI WORLDWIDE's Manager Recognition module is a manager discretionary tool designed to help with award consistency. With built-in controls within the process, you can set and control manager discretionary budgets via points or plateau awards.

Manager Recognition features the following functionalities:

Budget Meter: A personalised, visual dashboard that lets managers see their budget at a glance, Budget Meter allows managers to manage and track their remaining budgets.

Budget Tracking: With Budget Tracking, programme managers can monitor budget usage and distributions to maximise award distribution.

Budget Transfer: Budget Transfer is programme-specific functionality that allows a budget owner to transfer points from their budget to another budget owner. 

This functionality includes:

  • Access to shared budgets
  • Access to current and future budgets
  • Ability to specify which budget period to transfer from, and which period to transfer to

Implement Manager Recognition and recognise your employees from day one through their entire work life cycle.

Game Arcade

Games are a proven mechanism to motivate staff and increase revenue in the workplace. Create vivid and lasting award experiences using fun, fast and easy gameplays to recognise desired behaviours and reward specific achievements.

Featuring ten different game options, BI WORLDWIDE's Game Arcade is a non-skill based method to reward your team's outstanding performance. It uses variable-ratio award issuance to offer creative payout flexibility while allowing you to maintain complete budget control.

Consider BI WORLDWIDE's Game Arcade for an engaging and effective gamification strategy that will elevate performance by bringing friendly competition back into the workplace.

Use the power of gaming to drive home a win at your company.


BI WORLDWIDE's Nominations module allows you to create audience-smart promotions. Utilise customisable online forms to capture nomination details and allow your participants to submit nominations for individuals or teams.

Approvers have full control over the process — be notified of submissions, easily manage the approval process, and select the winner's notification dates, all in one module.

Get Nominations and build a culture of mutual recognition within your company.

Learn and Earn

The keys to the best learning solutions are customisation, engagement and convenience. At BI WORLDWIDE, we are the preeminent global experts on professional learning and engagement. By investing time and resources into programmes that make learning easy, efficient and always accessible, we create programmes that change behaviour and deliver real results to our clients.

BI WORLDWIDE's Learn and Earn app is a simple, activity-based structure that rewards participants who successfully finish training completion. The app allows participants to train, test and grow with easy-to-use quizzes and training solutions to propel engagement, retention and participation.

The rewards are customisable — you can reward training completion with badges or award points, so your employees can choose how they want to be rewarded.

Use Learn and Earn to educate your people and drive your business forward.

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