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The Foundation of an Effective Sales Force

Motivation is innately powerful in driving performance. Leverage the power of motivation with BI WORLDWIDE's suite of configurable sales incentive programmes systematically designed to foster organisation-wide motivation.

What is sales force effectiveness


What is Sales Effectiveness and How Do You Measure It?

The discipline of sales effectiveness is simple: decrease sales cycles, increase average sales price, and remain on top of customer expectations. But while the domain has not changed, the factors that impact sales effectiveness continue to muddle an already challenging landscape. How can companies in Singapore better navigate rapidly evolving technologies, volatile consumer expectations and intensifying competition with competent sales teams at the fore?

Sales teams are a key influencer in the buying cycle, and keeping them motivated and prepared for any situation is a priority sales leaders must have. Organisations need to equip sales teams with the right strategies, ample resources, and effective training to ensure that they are primed to handle situations and obstacles they might face at different touchpoints. Leaders need to be on top of sales performance, track and reward key performers, inspire and motivate others, and equip teams with the right resources and support they need to succeed.


Sales Effectiveness Programmes

BI WORLDWIDE’s sales effectiveness programmes are designed to build productive sales teams. We provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your team’s performance, research-based analytics, and forecasting tools for sales in Singapore to keep your teams ahead of the curve. BI WORLDWIDE’s programmes also utilise behavioural economics to keep them engaged with social gamification and employee rewards and recognition programmes. 


Best Practices for Sales Effectiveness

Sales effectiveness is contingent on finding the most optimised way to produce better sales. Great sales leaders know how to motivate their teams the right way to overcome obstacles and surpass sales goals. The key is to replace standard, one-size-fits-all sales incentives with unique, segmented strategies that engage their entire team — not just the top performers — to tap on the full potential of your workforce.

That's where BI WORLDWIDE comes in — as a trusted partner for those sales leaders who don't know where to start. Closely working with you to understand your business needs, goals and challenges, we devise comprehensive solutions to meet and exceed those goals. =

Backed by a proven combination of data-driven analysis and the science of behavioural economics, BI WORLDWIDE's tools and tactics will motivate, engage, educate and reward your sales team in the most relevant and impactful ways. You'll get access to all the metrics you need to drive more effort, more activity and more sales with less effort.

Let's enable your sales teams to think more, do more and sell more.

  • Incentivising Sales Teams

    BI WORLDWIDE’s sales effectiveness programmes let you assign personalised goals for team members, track progress and reward them based on performance. With gamification and built-in contest mechanics to incite friendly competition that drives results. Through a rewards marketplace, individuals are provided with a platform to access merchandises and experiences in exchange for points accrued as they learn, train and sell. Cultivate high performers, drive incremental revenue and uplift your sales teams.

  • Equipping Sales Teams with the Right Resources

    For motivated sales teams to become truly effective, they must be equipped with the right resources and ample tools to communicate with prospects. Essential tools, housed in an asset repository, is critical to facilitate knowledge transfer and easy access to support sales efforts. Content must be structured, easy to understand, and engaging in ways that would entice sales teams to take charge of their learning, to enhance learning and training efforts.

  • Fueled by Data and Analytics Insights

    BI WORLDWIDE’s sales effectiveness programmes are an established success, with the results and data to prove it. We have delivered 700+ programmes to more than one million direct and indirect sales representatives, and research has shown that BI WORLDWIDE consistently outperforms other sales incentive programmes. Choose BI WORLDWIDE and join a global network of success stories.

Cultivating high performers through sales effective incentive programmes

Cultivating High Performers

Motivation is innately powerful in driving performance. Leverage the power of motivation with BI WORLDWIDE's suite of configurable sales incentive programmes systematically designed to foster organisation-wide motivation.

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Create optimal learning experiences to improve sales effectiveness

Creating Optimal Learning Experiences

Arm your sales teams with the knowledge needed through creating optimal learning opportunities with intuitive, interactive learning platforms.

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Channel incentive programme management through data and analytics

Leveraging on Data and Analytics

Magnify existing metrics and data sets to support existing strategies or to develop robust plans from the ground up. Personalise sales incentives or learning platforms to best fit the needs of your sales team with tailor-made solutions that are routinely improved for your needs, powered by BI WORLDWIDE's analytical capabilities.

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Maximise Your Sales Potential

Unlock your organisation’s potential and cultivate a strong motivational structure within your sales team today. 

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