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Configurable Incentive Management Platforms

Motivate your sales team through intuitive, all-in-one sales platforms by recognising and rewarding your sales force.

What are configurable incentive management platforms


A sales team is often perceived as the backbone of an organisation — they promote the growth of the business, foster strong relationships with leads and influence the brand’s reputation. To continue inspiring and driving salespeople, companies need to engage them, recognise their efforts and consistently reward them where deserved.

In driving sales effectiveness, BI WORLDWIDE understands the inefficiencies of one-size-fits-all engagement tools and aims to provide unique solutions that utilise creative engagement tactics supported by behavioural economic theories. Our employee engagement programmes, which employ gamification techniques to encourage friendly competition within teams, are individually designed to meet our client’s specific needs and be compatible with existing organisational structures. These accessible and easy-to-navigate programmes encourage goal-setting and acknowledge your team for exceptional sales volumes that ultimately affect your bottom line.

With BI WORLDWIDE’s incentive management platform, you will be able to successfully motivate your sales team and achieve a more competent salesforce.

Maximise Your Sales Potential

Unlock your organisation’s potential and cultivate a strong motivational structure within your sales team today. 

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