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SalesMaker: Drive Sales Performance Using Our Sales Contests Solution

SalesMaker is a proven sales contest engine that draws from behavioural science and real-world experience to help you gain powerful performance results from your salespeople. 

Cultivating high performers through sales effective incentive programmes


By providing an all-in-one management platform, SalesMaker eliminates the headaches related to running in-house incentive programmes and increases your sales teams’ performance through purposeful programmes that impart intrinsic motivation to participants.

Features of the platform include:

  • Flexibility: You can run different contests for an unlimited number of individuals and teams simultaneously. 
  • Customisable Programmes: You can design the contest yourself or rely on our experienced team of contest designers. Either way, we’re here to answer any questions you have.
  • Incentive: We award points that can be used to redeem diverse attractive rewards in our Rewards Marketplace, such as merchandise, event tickets, experience, travel opportunities, and more. 
  • Mobile Dashboards. Are your salespeople constantly on the go? The SalesMaker app for iOS and Android puts incentive structures right at their fingertips. This means they can view contest rules, set goals, check progress, see final results and shop for awards – no matter where they are.

Let’s build excitement, inspire performance, and grow revenue. We’re already excited for you. Ready to get started with our platform?


Goal setting can help your sales team focus on their goals to drive greater productivity and performance. At BI WORLDWIDE, we know that the motivating power of tangible rewards can further help to motivate and push your employees to reach their fullest potential. That is why we offer GoalQuest, the only patented sales-incentive solution that enables you to unleash the power of goal setting and maximise your incentive results.

BI WORLDWIDE’s GoalQuest allows you to build a research-based goal-setting architecture supported by behavioural economics principles. Eligible participants can self-select a goal tailored for the group to allow for a level playing field of opportunity, with higher goal levels boasting greater potential rewards. Your team can easily view programme rules and track progress and results determined via indicators in the SalesMaker mobile app, which is accessible anywhere. With over 1,000 patented programmes, you can also view ROI estimates and forecast incremental lift even before implementation.

Join a global network with 700+ programmes and more than one million direct sales and indirect sales representatives and use the motivating power of tangible rewards to reach and exceed your business goals.

Learn and Earn

The keys to the best learning solutions are customisation, engagement, and convenience. At BI WORLDWIDE, we are the preeminent global experts on professional learning and engagement. By investing time and resources into programmes that make learning easy, efficient, and always accessible, we create programmes that change behaviour, drive performance and deliver real results to our clients within and beyond Singapore.

BI WORLDWIDE's Learn and Earn app is a simple, activity-based structure that rewards successful training completion participants. The app allows participants to train, test and grow with easy-to-use quizzes and training solutions to propel engagement, retention, and participation.

The rewards are customisable — you can reward training completion with badges or award points, so your sales team employees can choose how they want to be rewarded. With the rewards better catered to their needs, your sales team will be more motivated to proactively deliver better results to earn their incentives. 

Use Learn and Earn to educate your people and drive your business forward.

Contest Wizard

Contests can be a powerful motivational tool for your sales teams — after all, a little competition can help boost motivation amongst your employees. However, they can be incredibly hard to design, deploy and sustain.

With BI WORLDWIDE’s Contest Wizard solution, you can run sales contests and manage your incentives from local to enterprise-wide levels. Choose from five different incentive rule structures to design your sales contest. Assign objectives to your participants, define content parameters, set rules, track programme activity, issue awards, and communicate programme results through our proprietary step-by-step administrative tool. 

Contest Wizard’s in-built communications and indicators for measuring individual progress and performance let your participants track their progress and keep up with their ranking on the leaderboard easily. This enables them to better stay on task and improve their performance. Additionally, your sales team can receive notifications about optional bonuses for additional earning opportunities and get rewarded every time they hit their targets.

Challenge your sales team to help them reach their fullest potential with BI WORLDWIDE’s Contest Wizard.

Games Arcade

Games are a proven mechanism to motivate staff and increase revenue in the workplace. Create vivid and lasting award experiences using fun, fast and easy gameplays to recognise desired behaviours and reward specific achievements.

Featuring 10 different game options, BI WORLDWIDE's Games Arcade is a non-skill-based method to reward your sales team's outstanding performance. It uses variable-ratio award issuance to offer creative payout flexibility while allowing you to maintain complete budget control.

Consider BI WORLDWIDE's Games Arcade for an engaging and effective gamification strategy that will elevate performance by bringing friendly competition back into the workplace.

Use the power of gaming as a solution to drive home a win at your company.

Maximise Your Sales Potential

Unlock your organisation’s potential and cultivate a strong motivational structure within your sales team today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an incentive management platform like SalesMaker? 

Manually managing, measuring, and increasing sales productivity can be difficult. Plus, keeping an eye on your team’s sales goals and performance can be difficult to be on top of when you have other deliverables to focus on as well. 

However, an incentive management platform can provide organisations with the capabilities required to manage, measure, and increase sales productivity. With a solution like SalesMaker, organisations can run incentive programmes to increase their sales teams’ performance through imparting intrinsic motivation. Leveraging a tool like SalesMaker allows organisations to put their resources to better use without compromising on the benefits it brings to improving sales performance. 

What sets the SalesMaker apart from other solutions? 

BI WORLDWIDE has amassed over 60 years of experience in implementing purposeful and effective solutions that help organisations achieve their strategic goals. Equipped with the experience to implement a solution tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs, BI WORLDWIDE is committed to helping you actualise your business goals and objectives. 

Our SalesMaker solution provides research-based gamification opportunities to create engaging experiences that elevate sales performances. Through sales contests that offer various attractive rewards for every sales goal attained, we help spark your sales team’s ambition to improve sales velocity and performance. Being unified by common goals and rewards, your sales representatives will also be motivated to collaborate and achieve strategic objectives more efficiently. Our sales performance solution also allows you to set additional learning objectives, a significant but often overlooked aspect when employees are often focused on just goals and rewards. This aids towards the creation of a sustained learning culture that is dynamic, expanding your team’s capabilities in the long run. 

Engage our team in Singapore to find out how SalesMaker can support sales productivity and performance management.