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Employee Engagement Programmes

Reinforce employee satisfaction and motivate your team through tracking important employee milestones, employee progress and identifying key opportunities to recognise and reward employees.

What is employee recognition programme


Employee recognition and engagement programmes are initiatives the Human Resources (HR) department can implement to show appreciation for your staff's contributions and achievements. As part of effective employee management, the purpose of these programmes is to motivate employees and improve morale, retention, and productivity levels. This can come in the form of monetary incentives, service awards, or extra perks such as merchandise or access to travel experiences. 

If you've noticed that your staff seems less invested in what they’re doing, it might be time to consider an employee recognition programme. When employees constantly feel like their hard work is going unnoticed, this may gradually contribute to more problems, including scenarios where: 

  • Morale is low: If employees constantly feel undervalued, they may lose the motivation to continue putting in the extra effort. This can lead to a decline in the quality and quantity of work.
  • Employee productivity has decreased: When morale is low, it will be hard for businesses to function at their best. This can have a ripple effect on every area of the company, from sales and marketing to customer service and beyond. 
  • More are on leave: You may notice employees calling in sick often or taking more days off. Employee absenteeism, however, can impact the company in the form of lost productivity and having to find replacements for sick days.
  • You're losing good employees: When turnover is high, it can cost money to train new employees and get them up to speed. High turnover rates can also damage morale among remaining employees and make it difficult to maintain a cohesive team.

To prevent this, employers seeking to improve staff engagement can put in place an employee recognition programme. Beneficial for companies of all sizes in Singapore, an effective employee recognition programme will play a vital role in engaging your staff on a deeper level and inspire them to do their best work.

Why are Employee Recognition and Engagement Programmes Important?

In recent years, more and more companies are recognising the importance of employee recognition and engagement. It is becoming crucial in attracting and retaining talent, increasing workforce engagement and empowering employees at work. Employee benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation days and retirement plans are important, but they are no longer enough to differentiate your company from the competition. Today's employees are looking for more than just basic benefits; they want to work for a company that treasures them and their contributions. Consequently, companies in Singapore now require a nimble engagement strategy that evolves as your people do — one that reinforces desired behaviours, recognises accomplishments and rewards results. If done right, your staff will feel consistently and authentically noticed, valued and appreciated.

BI WORLDWIDE recognises that every company experiences unique employee recognition and engagement challenges at different points in time. By analysing your employee behavioural data and performance metrics, we create employee-centric engagement programmes that will fully align with your staff value proposition and maximise the potential of your workforce in Singapore.

What Types of Employee Recognition and Engagement Programmes Can We Offer You?

BI WORLDWIDE's suite of employee recognition and engagement programmes are designed to help companies cultivate teams that are motivated and engaged. Explore our below solutions to improve your staff management and foster a positive employee experience in your organisation:

Why come to BI WORLDWIDE for Employee Recognition and Engagement Solutions?

At BI WORLDWIDE, we understand that engagement is the key to success. We also know that engagement doesn't happen by itself – it needs to be driven and sustained. That's where we come in. For more than 60 years, BI WORLDWIDE has been helping Global 2000 clients achieve their business goals. We are a global engagement agency that uses the principles of behavioural economics to produce measurable results for our clients. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of how to create and implement strategic employee engagement programmes that drive positive outcomes. 

Get in touch with us to enhance employee engagement in your workplace today. In addition to staff engagement programmes, you may also explore our sales performance solutions to boost your bottom line in Singapore. 

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