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Rewards Catalogue

A fabulous selection of reward choices await your employees in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and SE Asia.

Rewards that motivate your employees to new heights.

Our Rewards Group keeps three elements in the forefront when designing aspirational rewards catalogues for our clients in the Asia-Pacific region:  (1) diverse and stylish rewards, (2) timely and personalized customer service, and (3) a user-friendly, reliable eCommerce platform.

We maintain catalogues in each country. Doing so allows us to build catalogues that are culturally appropriate and motivational; in addition, it ensures that we are able to expedite delivery without having to manage cross-country shipping delays and charges.

Our goal is to provide items that motivate your employees to higher motivational levels. To do so, we provide a well-rounded collection from beauty/personal care to household goods/appliances to mobile/computers to watches/jewelry and more. The rewards have been selected to be inspirational and stylish. Our trend buyers continually update our collection of items based on the latest trends and hot-selling categories.

We provide Email customer service support from 9:00 to 18:00 Monday through Friday (holiday exceptions).