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Channel Smart: Optimise Your Channel Potential

Channel Smart is our flagship channel engagement solution that enables you to create initiatives from its built-in promotions suite, develop content for participants to consume and monitor channel partner claims and progress.

Channel partner rewards programme to nuture and motivate partners


Channel Smart is BI WORLDWIDE’s robust, turnkey, flagship channel engagement solution that enables the creation of initiatives from its built-in promotions suite, develop content for participants to consume and monitor channel partner claims and progress. This intuitive, mobile-compatible application comes with a suite of highly configurable modules to meet a brand’s specific needs, and are essential in enhancing relationships, maintaining top-of-mind recall and motivating performance.

Increase your speed to market, reduce inefficiencies and eliminate uncertainties with ChannelSmart’s seamless platform that offers:

  • Pre-built Contest Suite. Leverage Channel Smart’s pre-built promotion/contest frameworks that incorporate behavioural economics, industry trends, incentive domain expertise and best practices.
  • Audience Smart Functionalities. Designed to address multilayered and complex channel structures, Channel Smart helps you tap into the right audience at the right time with specially designed contests and content — all in just a few clicks.
  • Content Management System. Channel Smart’s built-in CMS allows you to readily create and launch various forms of content to specific audience groups of your choice.
  • In-depth Analytics. Channel Smart allows you to track and analyse key metrics that will help you boost your incentive structure design and build the most engaged channel community that works towards your brand’s success. 

Go the extra mile to create long-lasting relationships with your partners-in-success and inspire them to be brand ambassadors today.

Sales Claims

Sales claims have never been this easy. BI WORLDWIDE's Sales Claims allows administrators to upload sales information, so your channel partners can easily and efficiently claim their sales transactions.

With Sales Claims, get easy sales tracking visibility by letting your participants submit claim forms to search for and claim sales transactions as their own. Participants can also use these forms to challenge a claim in case of errors and mistaken claims — challenged claims are efficiently resolved within the same system. Claiming is easy: either use a claim form within the system, generated barcodes or QR code coupons to claim and validate up to eight coupons simultaneously by scanning codes or manual input. Your participants can waste less time claiming and more time helping your business grow.

Once validated, participants can also earn points through other sales-based contests or earning structures.

Make sales claims something to anticipate instead of something to dread with BI WORLDWIDE's Sales Claims module.


Goal setting can help your channel partners focus on their goals and drive greater productivity levels within the team. At BI WORLDWIDE, we use the motivating power of tangible rewards to motivate and push your participants to reach their fullest potential. Unleash the power of goal setting and maximise your incentive results using BI WORLDWIDE’s GoalQuest, the only patented incentive solution. 

GoalQuest allows you to build a research-based goal-setting architecture for proven pay-for-growth performance design. Eligible participants can self-select a goal, tailored for their group to allow for a level playing field of opportunity, with higher goal levels boasting greater potential rewards.

Let your teams view programme rules, progress, and access results from the dynamic browser or native app, anytime and anywhere. To maximise your ROI, BI WORLDWIDE also provides you with a pre-program estimate of ROI, investment and incremental lift, even before implementation.

Get your tailor-made GoalQuest program up and running in just 10 working days. Just send us your branding, participant and hierarchy rules, and approved program rules, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting so you can hit the ground running.

With proven results from 1050+ successful programmes and 1.1 million+ participants, get GoalQuest to get a patented incentive solution that will help you reach and exceed your business goals.

Learn and Earn

The keys to the best learning solutions are customisation, engagement and convenience. At BI WORLDWIDE, we are the preeminent global experts on professional learning and engagement. By investing time and resources into programmes that make learning easy, efficient and always accessible, we create programmes that change behaviour and deliver real results to our clients.

BI WORLDWIDE's Learn and Earn app is a simple, activity-based structure that rewards successful training completion participants. The app allows participants to train, test and grow with easy-to-use quizzes and training solutions to propel engagement, retention and participation.

The rewards are customisable — you can reward training completion with badges or award points, so your employees can choose how they want to be rewarded.

Use Learn and Earn to educate your people and drive your business forward.

My Performance

Keeping your people in the know about their performance is crucial. Research shows that ongoing feedback and check-ins can increase engagement, reduce turnover and ultimately increase profitability. 

That's why BI WORLDWIDE's My Performance module was rigorously designed to support you in engaging your channel partners. Engage programme participants from the get-go throughout your campaigns, and continually nudge them amid its duration to increase engagement touch-points. 

Using the built-in, eye-catching leaderboards, your participants can track their performance and status against their peers. They can monitor their current progress towards targets and goals set, the remaining days in the promotion campaign and its rewards. As per the behavioural science principle of loss aversion, this will inspire participants at risk of missing their goals to double down and hit their targets, increasing overall company performance.

Participants can also get an in-depth view of their award points earned throughout various promotions, including behaviour-based activities such as Learn and Earn and Games Arcade.

Use BI WORLDWIDE's My Performance module to help your channel partners achieve their goals, propel their people to new heights and reap the rewards together.

Contest Wizard

Contests can be a powerful motivational tool for your sales teams — after all, a little competition can help boost motivation amongst your employees. However, they can be incredibly hard to design, deploy and sustain. 

With BI WORLDWIDE’s Contest Wizard, you can run sales contests and manage your incentives from local to enterprise-wide levels. Choose from five different incentive rules structures to design your contest. Assign objectives to your participants, define content parameters, set rules, track programme activity, issue awards and communicate programme results through our proprietary step-by-step administrative tool. 

Contest Wizard’s in-built communications and indicators for measuring individual progress and success lets your participants track their progress, keep up with their ranking on the leaderboard, get notified about optional bonuses for additional earning opportunities, and get rewarded every time they hit their targets.

Challenge your sales team to help them reach their fullest potential with BI WORLDWIDE’s Contest Wizard.

Optimise your Channel Strategies and Tactics

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