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Employee Appreciation Day


Employee Appreciation Day was created to encourage companies to thank their employees for the work they do all throughout the year.

But if you're thinking about recognizing your employees this Employee Appreciation Day, you might want to think again. Because this 

1. Employees who get recognized on a regular basis are ridiculously committed.


2. If you think that’s bad, definitely don’t try remembering an important anniversary of theirs.

They'll NEVER forget it.


3. Or reward them for doing a good job. They won’t even be grateful.


4. Good luck trying to get them to stop telling people how much they love their job.

*actual footage of them describing it*


5. And just TRY getting them to come up with bad ideas for once.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.


6. More bad news: Their attitudes will be terrible.


7. And they won’t work well together. At. All.


Just trust us on this one. Absolutely nothing good will come from recognizing your employees. 

Don't believe us? Go ahead – give it a try and see what happens. 


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