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How Can I Find Customers in a Competitive Market?



Competition is a fact of life and business. But when you’re starting a new business—or strategizing for an existing one—competition can be intimidating, and it will affect every aspect of your planning, from pricing to promotion.


How can I build a business and find customers when there are other companies selling the same type of product?


Finding customers is always going to be critical when you’re launching a business. There are numerous ways to do it, from social media marketing to SEO to selling at pop-ups, and which ones work best will ultimately depend on your products and customers.

It’s easy to daydream that someday, you’ll have a moment of inspiration and dream up a product that is so unique it’ll have zero competition. However, even the most innovative new products will eventually face competition as others enter the market. There’s really no use holding out for that perfect, competition-free product.

Research your competitors and their products

Trying to do some research about the typically products’ selling points of your competitors, find out the pros and cons, also the differences between yours.

Build a competitive advantage

Using competitor’s products helps you understand what they offer, where there are gaps, and how your product can fill those gaps. Once you’re armed with that crucial information, you can leverage it to test and iterate your product until it truly fills a gap in the market.

Get your product in customers’ hands

Now it’s time to get it in your customers’ hands, you need to be confident that your product is better than anything out there. Make it stand out in the marketplace, invest in competitive research and product testing.

You can focus on finding opportunities to hook new customers and win loyal fans for your brand by relying on the strength of the product.

Use competition to inspire

When you’re taking your first steps into a competitive market, seeing all of the polished, established brands in your space can be intimidating.

If you’ve got a good understanding of the competition’s products and you’ve invested time into refining your product to fill a gap in the market, you’re ready to start selling.


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