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Individual Travel Incentives


Reward your team with the ultimate incentive: independent adventure. Offer them a range of meticulously-planned experiences that cater to their unique travel style designed and delivered by our team of travel professionals.

Nothing motivates sales performance like individualized incentive travel.

We’ll let you in on a trade secret: cash really isn’t the most powerful motivator. Research — and our extensive practical application — proves that people work harder to earn an experience than they do for cash.

We design and measure exceptional individual travel programs. We know what the most positive way is: change the game by motivating and inspiring all kinds of sales teams.

Experiences Create Memories.

Travel incentives are undeniably effective but what’s all the fuss about individual incentive travel? Think of it this way: A sun-and-fun trip to the Caribbean is a classic crowd-pleaser, but it leaves something to be desired. A luxurious cruise may be relaxing but adventure seekers may find themselves missing out on the action.

The secret to pleasing everyone is the power of choice. iiTravel provides a whole new level of independence by allowing individual achievers to pick their own experience and travel dates. Suddenly, their hard work doesn’t just get them something amazing…but something amazing that they choose!

iiTravel offers the best incentive travel experiences through highly personalized, deeply meaningful options planned down to the very last detail.


If you’re looking for even more flexibility, VentureOut allows your team to craft their perfect travel experience using award points. Users simply select dates and destinations to book their best incentive trip. The experience of their dreams comes to life with options for airfare, ground transportation, hotels, vacation rentals, cruises, tours and activities.

Every single person receives the most effective, best travel incentive possible. Meanwhile, we provide a full-service team to assist with questions or concerns before and during the big trip.

Let’s create incentives that truly motivate your employees.


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