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Recognizing employees just got a whole lot easier.

Written by: Chris Dolan
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Managers wield a lot of power. In addition to supporting customers, handling project logistics and promoting productivity, a manager is the tipping point when it comes to an employee’s:

  • Loyalty
  • Satisfaction
  • Tenure
  • Desire to serve as a brand ambassador

These are make-it-or-break-it factors and few elements influence these factors more than a manager’s ability and willingness to notice and recognize employees who give their best work.

When it comes to employee recognition, consistency matters. But let’s face it: A great manager has a lot on his or her plate. When giving recognition is one more item on a long to-do list, it can get lost in the shuffle—despite even the best of intentions.

That’s where BI WORLDWIDE’s Recognition Advisor comes in. This innovative solution helps managers be better managers, taking the burden of “remembering to recognize employees” off their plates.

BI WORLDWIDE’s Recognition Advisor makes it quick and easier to recognize employees starting with their very first day and throughout their entire work-life cycle, a key employee engagement trend of 2019.

For your managers, it couldn’t be simpler. That’s because we’ve done all the hard work already, packing the tool full of advanced data algorithms informed by the principles of behavioral science.

Recognition Advisor combines these algorithms with an individual employee’s recognition history to create an ultra-precise, tailored schedule for recognition. This schedule is designed to maximize the impact of the recognition and minimize the impact of past missed opportunities for recognition.

When it’s time to provide recognition for a specific employee, Recognition Advisor provides a nudge to the manager.

Recognition Advisor is just one way BIW’s DayMaker recognition system makes it simple and easy to foster loyalty, satisfaction and tenure among your employees. Take recognition off the mental load and off the to-do list. Put it where it belongs—in the deserving hands of employees.


Chris Dolan

Chris Dolan

Director of Product Marketing Client Services

As Director Product Marketing of BI WORLDWIDE’s Client Services Group, Chris Dolan’s primary responsibility is the development of messaging that informs the marketplace about the innovation, differentiation and value of our employee engagement and sales incentive solutions. With 28 years of industry experience, he is an expert in the details and nuances of BIW’s technical solutions our markets, buyer personas and solution requirements for inspiring people and delivering results.

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