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Under Armour Record™ Partnership Application

The integration with Under Armour Record™ makes it easier for you to enhance your employee wellness programs.

BI WORLDWIDE introduces our latest integration Under Armour Connected Fitness™. Our customers can leverage our new API integration with the Under Armour Record™ mobile app to help launch and manage activity challenges, reward challenge winners with items from our rewards marketplace, and drive healthy behaviors without requiring or providing specific models of step-tracking devices to employees.

The Under Armour Record™ mobile app connects with several different activity trackers, allowing employees to track their activity and earn rewards using virtually any fitness device.

Build a Healthy Culture

  • Promote Wellness

Health and wellness programs support active lifestyles and drive an employee culture of health and well-being.

  • Activate the Experience

Reinforce behaviors with step challenges that are simple, short term, and personalized.

  • Expected Results

Based on industry averages, employees are 3x more productive, make 60% fewer errors, and are more alert during the work day.

Healthy employees are a cornerstone to maintaining a productive, present, and effective workforce.

As a result, it’s no surprise that organizations are offering step challenges and other wellness programs to encourage employees to stay active and health in and out of the office.

Activity challenges with the new Under Armour integration enables customers to promote their wellness programs within their current BIW platforms, allowing for simple program management, employee tracking, and reward redemption.

How it Works

  • Announce and Promote

Activate the experience by announcing and promoting the wellness program across eligible employees.

  • Download UA Record and Connect

Encourage employees to download the UA Record™ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and connect their fitness tracker.

  • Employee Goal Selection

Log into your BIW engagement platform to connect UA Record™ to the Activity Challenge and to select a goal.

  • Be Active and Track Progress

Track progress with both the UA Record app and by viewing GoalQuest® progress screens.

  • Celebrate Success and Earn Recognition

Earn recognition badges and points for attaining the step goal, then shop for rewards in the BIW marketplace.








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