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Management Commitment

Ultimate success of a recognition programme can occur only when managers strive to reach established business goals by rewarding and recognising the employees for the behaviours that will help them attain the established objectives. In many instances, managers are already habituated to not use recognition as a means to motivate employees to higher engagement and participation. Introducing a comprehensive recognition programme is a significant change. Organisational change management requires the firm to provide their managers with the knowledge and skills to effect such a change, since they will be responsible driving the change through new, consistent, modeled behaviours that employees can continually see and experience.

Therefore, managers must be educated in the best methods to both recognise employees and build a sustainable culture of recognition within their organization. It is also important to consistently communicate with managers. They need to understand the concepts of such practices and be provided concrete, relevant examples from which they can draw upon. In addition, managers need proper exposure to adapt to these practices to affect the required changes in behaviors.

We offer manager communications and training on why recognition is important, best practices on how to recognise employees, and how to sustain a culture of recognition in their organisation. Our e-learning and communications strategies makes the training effective, efficient, available anywhere, and engaging for the learner.