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Chameleon e-Learning: Cloud Learning Management System

With rich interactivity, simulations, and assessments in our learning management solution to keep your lessons fresh and engaging, you can focus less on learning programme management and more on learning.


Chameleon is a highly adaptable, cloud-based learning content authoring solution. With a single course version, deliver e-Learning content automatically optimised for any device, any language, accessible anywhere, any time on a cloud platform. Chameleon's industry-leading framework expands your reach to diverse groups of learners, with control over global branding, tag-based adaptive content and streamlined translation processes. Your learners will only see relevant, localised content tailored just for them.

Chameleon allows you to develop interactive, stimulating e-Learning content — with monthly rolling releases of enhancements, new features, games and templates that ensure your newest courses are just as fresh and exciting as your first.

BI WORLDWIDE offers content development services to develop your training courses in Chameleon Cloud e-Learning. With 30 years of e-Learning experience, BI WORLDWIDE delivers tailored solutions backed by instructional design principles to engage and excite your learners for higher engagement and recall.

Fully Responsive and Adaptive Design

Chameleon Cloud Editor is a solution that provides responsive and adaptive device support with automated handling of image and video assets. With over 60 layouts and multiple variations, optimise your e-Learning content for whichever device your learners access your course from and build captivating training courses.

Chameleon features games, simulations, advanced animations and testing with interactivity designed to captivate your learners. New games and interactivity features are released every 30 days, so your learners will never get bored.

Authored and Translated Painlessly

Build complex courseware for a global audience with ease. Chameleon Cloud Editor lets you build, author, and edit your course in English before streamlining the translation process in two easy steps, with no need for HTML or CSS coding knowledge. 

Deliver instant content updates without your Learning Management System (LMS). Deploy updates and changes to content from Chameleon without the need to export and upload another SCORM package to your LMS.

Personalised Learning Experience

Elevate your brand with targeted learning tailored for your audience from a single course version. Customise and manage modules according to learner role, region, and brand with our tagging system. Dynamically alter the content, look and feel of courses for the right audience and brand your content down to font type, brand colours and logo updates. Localise media files for learners in different regions and achieve flexibility for a global audience without fuss.

Universal LMS or LRS support

Deliver greater flexibility and accessibility with Chameleon’s ability to support different file formats for your training courses. Import and export multiple formats, including AICC, Scorm 1.2, Scorm 2004 and xAPI/LRS support.

Comprehensive Learning Data

Track all your learners' in-course actions. Compliant in SCORM, AICC and xAPI Tin Can, Chameleon is designed to track:

  • Time spent on a page
  • Each hotspot interacted with
  • Every question answered
  • How long learners watched each video 
  • How far down the parallax page the learner scrolled

This data is stored in our LRS and made available to you, along with detailed Google Analytics, so you get all the information you need in our system to manage and refine your learning content and build highly engaging learning courses.

Content Development Services and Support

BI WORLDWIDE has developed custom e-Learning for Fortune 500 companies, with four of the world’s top 10 most valuable brands amongst the count. Whether you need role-based help and support, specialised expertise in vertical markets or complete course development services and solutions, reach out to us to convert or create courseware into leading-edge e-Learning using the Chameleon Cloud authoring tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a learning management system?

A learning management system (LMS) is software used for managing groups of learners. These solutions are often built into larger e-Learning courses, which means they’re designed to work seamlessly with other modules. With Chameleon, learners can access course materials from any device at any time on the cloud with ease.

Why are learning management systems important for organisations?

A learning management system makes e-Learning not only effortless for an organisation but also for its students, which in turn can increase enrolment rates and engagement. Additionally, organisations can easily track who has viewed what resources and when they viewed them. This allows organisations to assess the performance of learners at training events, as well as the effectiveness of certain courses to achieve desired outcomes.

Why use BI WORLDWIDE’s learning management solution?

BI WORLDWIDE strives to help organisations engage with people all over the world effectively and efficiently with made-to-measure solutions. Our learning management solution gives you the ability to nurture the culture of growth and consequently drive business performance. Speak to our team in Singapore today to learn more about our cloud-based learning solution and how it can help you.