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Chameleon e-Learning

With rich interactivity, simulations, and assessments to keep your lessons fresh and engaging, you can focus less on learning programme management and more on learning.


Chameleon is a highly adaptable, cloud-based learning content authoring solution. With a single course version, deliver eLearning content that is automatically optimised for any device, any language, accessible anywhere, any time. Chameleon's industry-leading framework expands your reach to diverse groups of learners, with control over global branding, tag-based adaptive content and streamlined translation processes. Your learners will only see relevant, localised content tailored just for them.

Chameleon allows you to develop interactive, stimulating eLearning content — with monthly rolling releases of enhancements, new features, games and templates that ensure your newest courses are just as fresh and exciting as your first.

BI WORLDWIDE offers content development services to develop your training courses in Chameleon Cloud eLearning. With 30 years of eLearning experience, BI WORLDWIDE delivers tailored solutions backed by instructional design principles to engage and excite your learners for higher engagement and recall.

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