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Chameleon e-Learning

With rich interactivity, simulations, and assessments to keep your lessons fresh and engaging, you can focus less on learning programme management and more on learning.

Chameleon is a highly adaptable learning authoring solution that uses a single course version to deliver learning on any device, allowing you to access critical information anytime, anywhere. As the most widely compatible learning authoring solution on the market, Chameleon is designed to display your training programmes universally, whether on your desktop or on-the-go on a tablet or smartphone. And it’s highly effective.

With other learning tools, you might have to produce different courses for smartphones, tablets, and laptops exclusively. That’s not only cumbersome and restrictive for your organisation — it’s also expensive.

Chameleon’s industry-leading framework is accessible in multiple language options, with content easily updated any time you need. Change the copy, media files, pages, or edit your topics, even on completed courses, on Chameleon’s cloud-based Course Editor. 

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