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Learning eXchange

Segment and organise your information the way your learners think and work — LeX lets you cut through the clutter.


Learning eXchange (LeX) is your business’s learning hub to facilitate knowledge transfer. The platform is uniquely architectured to support the curation, administration and delivery of information to support the learner’s journey. LeX helps organisations create the best learning journey experience by segmenting the way learners think and work within a consumer quality brand experience.

With LeX, centralise information updates, reference materials, learning content and more onto one single platform. Integrate LeX as a front-end user experience (UX) for your Learning Management System (LMS), or use it as a standalone.


LeX offers the highest ease of operation with universal support across PC, desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile. Localise your LeX site based on region and languages.

Personalise the interface with company branding for a seamless extension of your brand experience. Segment and organise your information the way your learners think and work — LeX lets you cut through the clutter.

Social learning

LeX incorporates a social-media style user experience — learners are encouraged to comment, respond, and share content with other users in the same system. Interactions appear on a public wall, promoting a culture of free knowledge-sharing, positive synergies and recognition.

Capture group knowledge, drive engagement, promote interactivity between team members and enable users to inform and coach each other with LeX's social learning features.

Content control

LeX can be customised with rich media elements such as animations, interactive vignettes, and video avatars to boost audience engagement and create fun user experiences. 

Upload any file format onto LeX, including SCORM files, PDFs, videos, and more. BI WORLDWIDE also has its own onsite and full-time video producers to augment learning environments on-demand.

LeX is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS), whose robust security protocols automatically encrypt all data flowing through its data centres and regions at the physical layer before leaving its secured facilities.


LeX integrates Bunchball's Nitro advanced gamification engine for compelling experiences that create measurable returns on investment (ROI) and real business value. Our learning gamification programmes have delivered a 416% increase in internal engagement for our audiences.

The leader in enterprise gamification platform with deep gamification expertise, Bunchball Nitro features:

  • Nitro Studio design console — Create, measure and deploy the best practice gamification strategies, individual or team challenges across platforms, be it from a desktop or via any mobile device.
  • Pre-built gamification components — For the fastest, most effortless execution, add our pre-built components to LeX. 
  • Robust rules engine — Design personally motivating experiences based on attributes like role, geography, and past behaviour for targeted groups or individual goal-setting.

Powerful analytics engine — Gain immediate, deep insight into user behaviours and campaign performance for actionable decisions and quick pivots with pre-configured or custom reports, either scheduled or on-demand.


Need help with onboarding? LeX supports BI WORLDWIDE’s Fast Start onboarding — a cross-functional solution that increases productivity, lowers turnover, and improves manager satisfaction.

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