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Learning eXchange

Personalise the interface with your company branding for a seamless extension of your brand experience. Segment and organise your information the way your learners think and work — LeX lets you cut through the clutter.

In a fast-paced working environment, scattered information is missed information. Even more crucially, people only sell what they know. For maximised effectiveness, your teams must have instant, easy access to the information they need any time, anywhere.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we know the value of keeping your information consistent, consolidated and up-to-date. Your people are busy, and they shouldn't be wasting time digging through emails, handouts and factsheets to catch up with the nitty-gritty of brand updates, professional development and launch initiatives. That's why we created Learning eXchange (LeX), a highly customised, streamlined information portal that delivers inspired learning through a consumer-quality brand experience.

LeX is your one-stop-shop. A centralised learning experience that brings focus to your organisation, LeX lets your managers curate, administer and prioritise information into a single source of truth.

Segment the way your teams think and work. Your people can access everything they need all on one user-friendly dashboard, with full search capabilities for easier recall. LeX also comes with standard reporting for managers to track and assess their teams' learning efforts and impact on incremental revenue.

Need help with onboarding? LeX supports BI WORLDWIDE’s Fast Start onboarding — a cross-functional solution that increases productivity, lowers turnover, and improves manager satisfaction. Onboarding through LeX launches the learner’s journey, melding seamlessly with your brand messaging to maximise your employee value proposition (EVP) while supporting the entire learner’s journey.

Strategically leverage BI WORLDWIDE’s LeX to use learning to create mindshare — and translate that to market share.

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