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Chameleon eLearning

Your sales force needs access to critical information any time, anywhere. That’s why we offer the most widely compatible platform on the market. While other learning platforms have different courses for smartphones, tablets and laptops, Chameleon is universal. And it’s effective.


Enhanced learning for enhanced sales.

Quick — pick between your laptop, tablet and smartphone. You’ll have to use the one you choose 100% of the time, rendering the others useless.

That’s a recipe for anxiety, isn’t it?

The good news: you don’t have to choose between devices.  Chameleon is a highly adaptable learning platform that can be used on any device, any time. That means your sales team will never be without the tools they need.

Other learning platforms have different courses for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. That’s not only cumbersome — it’s expensive.

Our industry-leading Chameleon framework uses a single course version to deliver learning on any device. It’s accessible in multiple languages on smartphones, PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets and MS Surface tablets.

Want to stay in control? With Chameleon, you can update content any time you want. Change text, media, pages or topics — even on completed courses — with a cloud-based Course Editor.

Chameleon uses rich interactivity, simulations and assessments to keep lessons fresh and engaging.

Let’s focus less on learning platform management and more on learning.

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