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Learning eXchange

Learning eXchange (LeX) consolidates everything your sales team needs to know into one streamlined, user-friendly portal. Scattered information means missed information. Let’s keep it together.

Selling made simpler. It’s a powerful thing.

If they’re doing their jobs well, your sales people are busy. They barely have time for coffee, let alone staying up to speed with brand updates, professional development and the specifics of launch initiatives.

We understand busy. We also understand how to conquer busy. That’s why we created LeX, an all-in-one solution that puts everything your salespeople need at their fingertips.

This is the end of remembering login credentials for three different information management systems. This is the end of digging through emails and stacks of handouts.

LeX lets managers curate information for sales teams. Everything is compiled in a user-friendly dashboard. That means they’ll have access to everything they need and nothing they don’t, all in one spot.

LeX features:

  • Gamification to engage your team and keep them coming back for more
  • Social learning to capture group knowledge and enable your sales teams to inform and coach each other
  • Animations, interactive vignettes and video avatars to keep the experience fresh and engaging

Let’s accelerate results with streamlined information.

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