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Sales Incentive Platform 2 (SI2)

SI2 is a flexible and dynamic web-based framework that enables you to leverage sales incentive programmes across your channel, distributor and employee-based sales and marketing initiatives.

Employee Engagement improves with Manager Learning

See how SI2 manages complex organisation hierarchies and engages everybody at the same time.

SI2 provides dynamic and segmented content to your organisation hierarchy based on country and/or role within the organisation. With the ability to create and run multiple sales promotions for each level in your organization and optionally for country, you have the flexibility to engage all or some of your target audience as and when you choose. SI2 ensures that your various audiences see the right content that they need.

A one-size application does not fit all.

We have a library of plug-and-play modules to ensure the right fit solution for your organisation. Whether it’s allowing your audience to claim sales online, or running a product knowledge quiz, we have Apps for you! And SI2 is built with web-responsive design so it configures automatically for a computer, laptop, tablet or smart mobile device.

But I don’t have a large budget to work with.

The core framework provides the engine for managing the organisational structure and communicating across your target audience while the plug-and-play modules provide the content. This means you can start small and see how it goes. As your programme gains momentum you can invest more in the platform by adding on new modules for your target audience.

But SI2 doesn’t have a module that I need.

Custom modules can be designed and built by our local technology team specifically for your organisation.

My business is distributed across the AsiaPac region

SI2 provides support for multiple languages and country appropriate site content to ensure your target audiences are engaged.

Not all of my sales force have computers will that be a problem?

SI2 has been designed to ensure your program is available to participants 24/7 targeting not only desktop and laptop users but tablets and smartphones too.

How do I know my data is safe in SI2?

BI WORLDWIDE™ provides secure hosting facilities with restricted access to data and programmes by specialist personnel only. We never share your data with any other 3rd party and we only use your data for the purposes of your SI2 programme.