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Social Recognition Platform 2 (G5)

Let's take a look at the social recognition platform everyone is talking about.

Employee Engagement, Employee Rewards and Employee Recognition with G5 Engagement Program

Introducing G5.

The most advanced incentive system — EVER!

BI WORLDWIDE introduces its fifth-generation incentive system: G5. It’s the only solution specifically designed to engage your direct and indirect sales teams through innovative incentive Apps that change behaviour and achieve your programme objectives and maximise sales performance.

GoalQuest® – Patented program structure utilizing self-selected goals. An industry game-changer with proven incremental sales results based on a database of 1+ million participants.

ChallengePointTM – Combines the power of goal selection with increasing sales over a personal baseline.

Leaderboard – Build your own leaderboards and create a competitive environment.

ThrowdownTM – Create competition amongst your sales people with a series of head-to-head matches and stack rankings to drive performance.

And more…

  • Test product knowledge
  • Share best practices in discussion forums
  • Engage everyone to celebrate top achievers
  • Post important sales tips
  • Communicate promotions